Photo Wall DIY


  • 50 pictures
  • blue tape
  • double sided tape
  • Step 1
    Layout the photos on the floor in the shape you would like.
    Step 2
    Using blue tape, test out where you would like to place the picture on the wall
    Step 3
    Using double sided tape, place the pictures on the wall for the final placement
    Click link below to see a video showing you how to do a photo wall
    DIY Photo Wall


    3 thoughts on “Photo Wall DIY

    1. mjtoscano says:

      I honestly love this! so cute! I have been wanting to do this to my wall lately. where do you print your pictures? I can’t seem to find a good place where they have good quality. Do you suggest that I stick them with tape instead of tic tacs??

      • alextribble says:

        Thank you ! Walgreens had a sale one day so I got 50 picture (from Instagram/tumblr/my album) for only 5$! And I used tape on the back so you couldn’t see the tape!

        Ps get the Walgreens app! it was so easy it only took 2hrs to print !(:

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