FDOM Blog Project Review

So this year in my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class i was instructed to create and maintain a blog. This was my first time keeping a blog. Overall i would rate the whole experience a B+. Some pros of the blog were that I got to take away and keeps so great “Do It Yourself” or DIY projects that are really useful or cool. I also like the fact that I could share my takes on ways to decorate apartments on a budget aside from the DIY projects, this blog also helped me put to use so of my new html skills I learned in class which i know i will need in the future. Some cons were that I found myself running out of ideas to come up. I also did not like how we had to create an app that really did not go well with my blog that i was working hard on. Overall I think that this was a positive experience. I plan on keeping and improving this blog. Now that this class is ending I now have the ability to tailor this blog to my own liking. I hope you all continue to visit my page and share feedback on past and future projects!


Different Makeup Organizer DIY




This is a quick, simply way to reorganize all that clutter makeup on your counter! you can find this cute little storage bin at target for only $5!!! I’m so glad i invested in this because it cuts beauty time in half! I organized each drawer by face, eyes, and brushes now I can find things much faster. I hope you all enjoy this super simply improvement for your makeup .






Nailed it is an app idea that I created ! This app would be helpful in choosing the best nail polish and design! With this app girls would be able to choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and shapes they wanted to try out.
How to use nailed it:
1st step – upload a picture of your nails.
2nd step – will be to choose the color, design, and or shape you would like your nail to be.
3rd Step – after finding the perfect nails you can choose to save final picture of your nails.
4th step – go to the product page to find the nail polish and a nail salon near you !



Photo Wall DIY


  • 50 pictures
  • blue tape
  • double sided tape
  • Step 1
    Layout the photos on the floor in the shape you would like.
    Step 2
    Using blue tape, test out where you would like to place the picture on the wall
    Step 3
    Using double sided tape, place the pictures on the wall for the final placement
    Click link below to see a video showing you how to do a photo wall
    DIY Photo Wall

    Bracelet/Nail polish Storage DIY

    this is a cute fun way to keep your bracelets organized !
    All you will need is

    • Empty Wine Bottle
    • Bracelets

    This is probably the easiest DIY I have ever done before !

    The second part is the nail polish container
    All you will need is

    • Nail polish
    • large glass Jar
    • nail filer, clipper, ect

    Once again this is another simply DIY!
    Here is a link to were I found my bracelets !(:



    This is an easy 1-2-3 step chalkboard DIY

    Things you will need:

    • chalkboard
    • chalk
    • hammer & screw or command strips
    • measuring tape

    Step 1- measure the distance from each end on the chalkboard and place the nails and or command strips on the wall.

    Step 2 – hang the chalkboard on the nails or place it on the command strips.

    Step 3 – Use the chalk on the chalkboard to write your desired message.

    here is a link to were I learned how to draw chalk lettering!
    chalkboard font



    Apartment DIY


    Step 1.
    Take any glass/ picture out of frame


    Step 2
    pour the color you would like to paint your frames on a plate


    Step 3
    paint all the frames


    Step 4
    While the paint is drying on the frames nail in the base for the curtain rod


    Step 5
    Hang up curtain rods with your choice of curtains


    Step 6
    Lay out your frames on the floor and measure of far apart each item is.


    Final Step
    Hang up frames and other decor on the wall and Enjoy!

    Here are a few links where I found my Decor

    Red Pillows

    Yellow Fuzzy Throw

    Wall Clock

    Mirrors, Curtain rod,  and Sheers where found at Ross.

    Frames were found at Goodwill